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Was Comrade Fidel a fraud?

The Cuba story makes no sense

First some background.

My wife and I went to Cuba in 2011 and toured the whole island. We visited all the key “revolution” locations too. It is a paradise at the coast, but undeveloped and mono culture [sugar] inland. There were horses and carts on their M1 equivalent. The development potential is enormous. The people are great, very diverse ethnically, and are highly educated; to a better standard than most Americans. There is a far better Health Service too.

Cuba is the only place that I have ever had an official, in uniform, beg from me. I gave her a Convertible peso, worth about a dollar. To put that in context a doctor gets the equivalent of about 100 Convertible pesos per month. The Local peso is worth one twenty seventh of a Convertible peso. So a doctor gets about 2,700 Local pesos a month, worth about $100. The locals, including the doctors, are all paid in Local pesos which are not convertible.

Only well connected Cubans are allowed to travel abroad. Cubans cannot buy and sell houses either. So there are often 4 generations living under the same roof.

There was nothing much to spend money on so I was very generous with the beggars who were everywhere that the tourists were; inland anyway. The system means that everybody wants to earn Convertibles. So it is no wonder that the black market is probably bigger than the official economy, it’s the only way to live comfortably. Our guide was quite explicit about that; so everyone is on the make. It was the same when we backpacked through Vietnam in 2000; another so called “communist” country.

Next, some interesting facts about Comrade Fidel:

First, he was an actor with his own IMDB page. He was an extra in some Hollywood movies, including two in 1946. That was the year that the CIA was formed.  Do you know of any other revolutionary communist leaders who had, or have, pages at the IMDB? Thought not.

Second, he played baseball in the USAIn 1951, Castro tried out for the Washington Senators baseball team. Wtf???

Third he was a rich lawyer who married a very wealthy woman. Castro was born to wealth (sugar plantations). His first wife Mirta Diaz-Balart was also from great wealth. She was a relative of Batista the Cuban dictator that Castro "overthrew"! Rich lawyers often become revolutionaries and overthrow the in-laws, don't they?

Fourth, he lived in New York City on many occasions, and he even spent his honeymoon there. He and Mirta were married in 1948, and her father gave them “tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a three-month New York honeymoon”. Could any other real revolutionaries of the time could say the same thing?.

Fifth, he was imprisoned by the dictator Batista but soon released. Conveniently in time to lead the "revolution". Do you think that this is a common mistake of many brutal dictators? Of course not, they wouldn't stay in power long if they did.

Now, here are some facts about the US military and security services:

1. The US military budget is about $750 billion per annum

2. The US security and intelligence agencies have a combined annual budget that is even greater than that of the military. So it exceeds $750 billion per annum

3. Therefore the combined annual budget for US security, intelligence and military exceeds $1.5 trillion per annum

4. The US has 750+ military bases [as of 2015] spread all over the planet. Guantanamo is just one of them

5. The US military has been in almost constant action for over a century. It has been at war somewhere on the planet for pretty well every single day of my life. The Korean War started just before my birthday in 1950 and the US has been fighting a war, somewhere on the planet, ever since. So it has lots of very experienced military and intelligence people

6. The U$ dollar has been the world’s reserve currency since WW2, the petro$ since 1970’s

7. The US is the world’s leading historical proponent of geopolitical coups and covert destabilisation actions in foreign sovereign nations. I think that it is fair to say that the US has well and truly outstripped Perfidious Albion by now

I am confident that all these facts are easily verifiable. You will find confirmation of most of them direct from the US government itself. The US establishment controlled Wiki will no doubt confirm them too.

Fact 7 excluded of course. But even here most of the older events are now freely admitted by the US government. They always wait a few decades before admitting their foreign misdeeds to their great unwashed.

Now let's just think about some aspects of the official US part of the Cuba story for a minute or two. They are asking us to believe some incredible stuff as real "history":

1. That the massive US could not swat the Cuban, half-starved, fly on its belly. Cuba is only 90 miles away from the US and is totally undefended

2. That the so called "Bay of Pigs" CIA operation "failed". That the US couldn't organise a coup in it's own backyard. The same US who are experts at organising successful coups, they’ve done it all over the planet. They've been doing it for ever too. It would have been easy as well, Florida is full of potential recruits

3. That the US couldn't over run an island where they already had a massive military base, at Guantanamo, which predated Fidel and his "revolution". All they had to do was drive out of the gate

4. That the US tried to assassinate Fidel hundreds of times, but failed every time. The US spooks are just so incompetent

We are talking about the biggest military and intelligence operation that ever existed. Yet they somehow can't organise anything effective in their own backyard. Try telling that to one of their South American or Middle Eastern victim countries. It is utterly ridiculous.

How can one accept their official propaganda about Comrade Fidel and Cuba?

That the massive US, with these almost unlimited military and financial resources at its disposal, could not defeat this undefended little island, that is only 90 miles away, and that has virtually no resources at its disposal.

What was stopping them?

Was it concern for human rights?

Was it concern for public opinion?

Was it concern that those pesky Rooskies might not like it?

Was it just incompetence?

Of course it wasn't, those never stopped the US anywhere else.

So what was it?

One can only conclude that the US must have wanted to maintain this so called communist place nearby. Because they could have swatted them like a fly if they really wanted to get rid of them.

This might seem incredible if you have swallowed all their ongoing propaganda about "communism". But once you know that all the big "communist" revolutions were funded by the US banksters then perhaps not. The Russian and Chinese communists certainly were funded by the banksters. See my last post "Who pulls the strings?" for confirmation of this.

So is Cuba just another one of their illusions?

Finally, back to Common Sense based on direct experience. When you see the “revolution” story close up, like we did in 2011 then, if you give it some thought, you realise just how ridiculous the story is. We drove from Havana to Santiago, visiting all the key revolution locations on the way. Locations being the operative word it seems in hindsight. Certainly they were all tiny

We then flew back to Havana, in a light aircraft, along the whole island. So we saw the whole of Cuba, from the ground and the air. I can assure you that the island was then, probably still is now, effectively defenceless and there is minimal infrastructure of any form.

It’s like a fairy tale. A fairy tale delivered by a very rich lawyer/actor/baseball player who was clearly not what we were told he was. It was Captain Mainwaring, and Sergeant Wilson, and their Dads Army platoon overthrowing the nasty and brutal, US supported, dictator. How likely is that?

The corporate media, and the "on the payroll" historians, just keep repeating the same story, over and over again.

So it must be true hey?

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