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Comrade Fidel WAS a fraud

He was a CIA agent

I blogged about Comrade Fidel in December 2016 and asked the question:

Was Comrade Fidel a fraud? The Cuba story makes no sense:

I based that blog on my trip to Cuba in 2011, plus some less well known facts about Fidel and some very well known facts about the capability of the US military and spooks.

I now know the answer to my earlier question:

Yes he was a fraud. He worked for the CIA. He was their agent.

How do I know this?

Well, I have just been reading a very informative book by Servando Gonzalez a Cuban historian:

Psychological Warfare and the New World Order
The Secret War Against the American People
Published in 2010

Gonzalez's book is a fascinating and very detailed 319 pages of small typeface with a further 55 pages of small type reference notes at the end.

The book is very wide ranging in scope. It gives extensive and detailed info about Fidel Castro. It reveals Castro as a lifetime psyop agent for the CIA. Castro's ruthless duplicity is a central feature of the book.

Servando Gonzalez is a Cuban and he knows his subject very, very well.

Here is my summary of the key sections of the book that are about:

Fidel the Fraud

Chapter 7 on page 150 - "The Cold War Psyop"

Gonzalez demonstrates that Castro had a central role in creating the Cold War for the US military industrial complex. This chapter provides lots of info about Comrade Fidel's early CIA career, before his Cuban "revolution":

Page 151 - How Castro was instrumental in the CIA's very first [the first of many] foreign coup in 1948, the Colombian Bogotazo riots that followed the assassination of Jorge Gaitan a Columbian politician. Castro was at the scene off the assassination and he was also an agent provocateur for the vicious riots that followed and which overthrew the Colombian government. The violence in Columbia that resulted lasted for decades

Page 152 - How the CIA recruited Fidel because he had an "...impressive record as a gangster, assassin and psychopath totally lacking in moral principles".  How a 1995 book confirmed the authors longstanding suspicions that Castro was a US/CIA agent with direct testimony. The Bogotazo riots were Castro's first CIA job it seems. The CIA was founded in 1947 and Colombia was their first engineered coup

Pages 155 to 170 - Extensive detail about Castro's role in the Bogatazo false flag, with his accomplice, and fellow CIA agent, Rafael del Pino. The whole false flag operation is analysed in detail. Unidentified snipers were used on civilians. It was a template that was used frequently in subsequent decades. The same methods are still being used by them today in fact, see the 21stC coups in Egypt and Ukraine

Chapter 8 on page 180 - "The CFR mole infiltrates the Soviets"

The first few pages of the chapter demonstrate how the Soviet Union was a creation of the international capitalists, the globalists, who were based in the US and UK. They funded and facilitated the revolution in 1917 that helped the Bolsheviks seize power.

[This same group of fascists also created the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations, in the US and the RIIA, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, in the UK, in the early 1920's]

[The US/UK power elite facilitation of the Soviet Union has been extensively documented in several books by Antony Sutton, and others. They managed to keep the soviet economy afloat for several decades using primarily western technology and western money. You can read Sutton's books online if you want the chapter and verse. Look at the footnotes on his Wiki page for links to his books. They are very detailed with numerous source documents cited. The reasons why they destroyed Imperial Russia and enslaved Russians for 70 years are far too complex to explain in detail here. Suffice to say that one important reason was that total corporate global control has always been a key objective of the group. And that they knew that corporations controlled by communist/socialist State bureaucrats, a la soviets, could never pose a serious threat to their corporations. Their corporations certainly control the commercial and financial world now, so they have been incredibly successful with this objective. Maybe another blog on another day]

Pages 185 & 186 - Castro's early life. His acting in Hollywood in 1940's. His marriage to Mirtha in 1948 with his US honeymoon which was partially funded by President Batista who he later "overthrew" in his "revolution"; Batista was a friend of Castro's father! How Castro lived in the US for 3 periods of up to 18 months each in the 1940's. How his time there is not accounted for. It is not known exactly when, or where, he as recruited by the CIA, or it's predecessor the OSS. Those long unaccounted for periods in the US are the obvious best guess

Pages 187 & 188 - How Castro's Dad's Army "revolution" was in fact supported by the CFR controlled US state department and how Batista was eased out by them by withdrawing their support for him. The US even recognised Castro's new government before he arrived in Havana! Unprecedented haste for them; they usually waited until several other countries recognised a new government, particularly in Latin America where the US was always being accused of Imperialism.

Page 190 - How the US sent a senior diplomat, in mid December 1958, to tell Batista the facts of life, ie. that he must leave Cuba. He was instructed to leave by the end of 1958 and he duly left on New Years eve. [See the film "The Godfather"]. How Castro received lots of positive media coverage during his first trip to the US as Cuban leader in April 1959. Such coverage barely mentioned that he made an important speech at the CFR in Pratt House. He also secretly visited the Rockefeller mansion as an honoured guest on this trip. Where he met David Rockefeller, one of the main CFR conspirators, and a "select group of globalist cronies and members of the mainstream media that they control". How Castro was charged with implementing a carefully designed 2 prong plan:
1. Destabilise Latin America
2. Penetrate the Soviet leadership and push them into unnecessary military adventures

[Big success on both fronts - well done comrade Fidel!]

Page 191 - How, in order to survive, the military-industrial-academic complex needed non-winnable wars and revolutions. Castro was their man

Page 193 - How the Soviets were deeply suspicious of Castro at first, with good reason he was never a communist in his early career. Gonzalez demonstrates this with a lot of detail. He in fact declared his communism a few months after the infamous "Bay of Pigs" US invasion which "failed". He gave a long televised speech that declared to his amazed audience that he was a Marxist-Leninist. His previous non-communist affiliation was "so widely taken for granted internationally....that his speech caused a commotion". It was a major change of tack and was viewed with suspicion at the time. The Soviets had long suspected that he was CIA and so were very sceptical. But then came the Bay of Pigs, followed by Castro's speech, and everything changed.

Pages 195 to 200 - Lots of detail about how the Bay of Pigs operation was designed to fail. How it was a successful psyop on the Soviets. And how it gave Castro the credibility that he previously lacked with them.

[Or did some of the Soviet leadership know this from the get go? A distinct possibility to my mind given that there were CFR men in the Soviet power elite too. Follow the muneeeee, it always reveals deeper motives and players. The Soviets never actually rid themselves of Rothschild bankers. Russia still hasn't today, as far as I am aware. Yet another indication that the East/West dialectic is false. That it is a psyop on ordinary people, and not real at the elite level]

Chapter 9 on page 201 - "Agent Castro warms up the Cold War"

Pages 201 to 210 - Kennedy, Krushchev, Castro and the Cuban Missile crisis which is a familiar tale. It was also a fraud. The missiles did not contain any nuclear warheads. They were dummies and the US knew this. As evidenced by the fact that the US did not insist on checking the missiles for themselves when the Soviet ships left Cuba with them. They took the Soviets on trust - simply ridiculous! In fact he Soviets never sent nukes abroad at that time as a matter of policy. They always kept them at home and closely guarded by special forces. The whole "Cuban missile crisis" story is a rabbit warren of motives, psyops and false stories on all sides. Bluff, double bluff and triple bluffs.

[Simple logic shows that no great world power is going to give nukes to any allied country that just asks for them. And certainly not to such an unreliable, vicious, hot-headed character as Fidel Castro. The soviets were not stupid]

"The USSR installed missiles where it wanted them and nowhere else".

Page 210 - Krushchev is deposed as a result of the missile crisis fiasco. "A year after his faux pas he received an important visitor: David Rockefeller. A few days after David's kiss of death, CFR moles in the Kremlin deposed Premier Krushchev".

Page 211 to 215 - A long list of Castro's subversive international terrorist activities. He was an earlier, and longer lasting, version of Bin Laden. Just like Bin Lid then Fidel the Fraud was promoted as a [State] terrorist in their media but was actually working under their control to justify all their wars and "policing" invasions. North Korea anyone???? ISIS anyone????

["Responsibility to protect" they now call it. Protect them by bombing the shit out of them, eg. Libya]

[The terror angle needed a State to be credible in those days. People were too savvy to accept that a war could be against something as vague as terror. A State was required and Casto's Cuba was perfect. It was only after their 9/11 psyop that the dumbed-down sheeple accepted the "War on Terror" as credible. Even though it is logically impossible to fight a war against a noun that means "extreme fear". They still needed a threat to justify their multi-trillion $ defence and intelligence budgets. So they chose Islamic terror to replace the USSR. Just like Albert Pike said they would in the 19thC. Albert Pike was a major US Freemason]

[The US army cannot account for $6.5 trillion!!!!! Direct from Rothschild Central:
That's right folks - keep paying your taxes. You gotta keep the military goons in clover]

Page 217 to 220 - Detail about the Castro-Chavez psyop. Chavez was a sub-agent. The CIA helped him gain power in 1992.

[Fidel had a very long, and a very effective, CIA career. He was a "lifetime actor"]


I have read the book very carefully paying particular attention to his source notes in respect to his statements about Fidel. The detail in this book is extensive and, in the main, it is fully sourced. Servando is not a "Conspiracy Theorist" that's for sure.

So there is now no doubt in my mind that Comrade Fidel was an exceptionally successful agent for the Imperialists that he claimed to oppose. I suspected as much when I wrote my earlier piece in 2016. The official story makes no sense whatsoever. Particularly when you see Cuba "in the flesh" like I did in 2011.

It also makes no sense when you think about just how Castro was promoted by their mainstream media over 50+ years. Initially they kept selling us this tale about the communist bogeyman who sent his troops to ferment communist revolutions etc, in Latin America and Africa. Over and over and over we got the same old tale of his dirty deeds backing the commies and cocking a snook at the Yankees. The Yankees who simply couldn't do anything to stop him.

[Despite the fact that Castro was based on an island that has minimal resources, is entirely undefended, had a massive US military and black ops base on it, Guantanamo, and is only 90 miles from mainland USA]

But somehow, towards the end of his life, he changed from being an evil commie into a saintly left-leaning progressive. And he was feted by them when he eventually died.

The mainstream media always lies doesn't it? It's their default mode.

And they lied  ad infinitum about Comrade Fidel the "communist" CIA agent, ie.

Comrade Fidel the Fraud

Servando's book rings even more true when you realise this.


There is a lot more important information in the book, including the following:

* That there is an invisible, secret, executive government in the USA which totally dominates the official executive government and the President

[Who would have guessed it? ;-))]

* That the official democratic government headed by the "elected" President is in practice subservient to the Council on Foreign Relations

[The CFR's British sister organisation is called the Royal Institute for International Affairs, whose public brand is Chatham House. Both the RIIA and CFR were set up by globalists in the 1920's ahead of their World War 2 which they conceived, funded and managed to their advantage. They made an absolute packet and they steered the world in their required direction as a result of their 3 World Wars in the 20thC: WW1, WW2 and the Cold War]

 * That the CFR is the centerpiece of the US invisible, or secret, or shadow, government. The CFR is based in Pratt House in New York, very handy for Wall Street. It is the real center of US executive power. All important policy and strategy is devised behind the closed doors of Pratt House often via the multi-various US & UK think tanks and other non-democratic, usually very secretive, organisations. But the CFR is key. Policy and strategy is then revealed to us plebs, at the right time, by their puppet politicians

* That the CFR is controlled by the USAngloZionist power elite. In other words UK and Israel are integral to the structure. UK has RIIA [Chatham House]. Israel is "Rothschild Central", lock, stock and barrel

[Of course when I say US, UK and Israel then I mean the power elites of those places, the globalists, NOT the ordinary people, well not most of them. In fact rather than use the description "UK" then it would be far more accurate to say "City of London" which, early readers of this blog will already know, is NOT actually part of the UK at all]

*That Presidents are usually "selected", rather than "elected". Potentially suitable individuals are groomed from a very early age. Which is why they often suddenly appear from out of the blue, out of nowhere, and then are given the full media treatment when "voting" is required. Think Carter, Clinton, dumb ass Bush, Obama. All were virtual unknowns until they got the full media spotlight. The globalist elites media of course. The media that they own and fully control and have done since the early part of the 20thC

Addendum 17th February 2018

From the rabbit hole maestro, Miles Mathis:

"In conclusion, we have found another ludicrous story passed off as history. Castro's bio is another patchwork of inconsistencies and impossibilities, one that is almost as risible as the bio of Jack London. It is just more indication they think we are all idiots. We don't even merit a well crafted tale, one where the plot holds together. Do you think “real” historians can't see what I see? Do you think thousands of college-educated wonks, as detail-oriented as any scholars, don't know what I have just told you? Of course they know. Anyone who has bothered to read these bios and histories closely must know they are total disinfo. I put it that way because it means that all the historians are in on the con. They aren't dupes, either. They are all hired to shovel this gruel down your throat, to the last man and woman. Why else would you have to hear it from me?

No historians ever tell you these stories are faked. No lawyers ever tell you the court cases are faked. No artists ever tell you the art market is a big con. No scientists ever tell you science is a hoax. So what does that tell you about the world? It tells me current “culture” is a total fucking write-off. Modern society is little more than a long running conjob, a smokescreen, a fairy tale written by twisted trolls.

It is time to hand it back to the creators with a big NO THANKS! Tell them you have no use for their fake world, and then start making your own real one. It can be done. I am doing it. Why don't you join me? It is a far better place."

The whole piece is well worth reading. It knocks my efforts into a cocked hat! If you were not convinced by Servando then, you surely will be when you read Miles.

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